Dan Moat

Graphic Designer

Sheffield, UK


About me

Ever since I can remember, I have had a love for drawing, designing and making a mess in the name of art!

After studying art & design at school and college, I did a degree in Digital Media where I worked with all aspects of content creation for the digital age.

I have worked part-time as a freelancer since 2008, and in 2010 I waved goodbye to my full-time design job to persue Tahninial full-time!

When I am not slaving away in the studio, I enjoy watching documentaries and comedy shows (4oD is my best friend), taking train journeys and learning about natural history.

My work

I work with a wide variety of clients from small companies, start-ups and individuals to colleges and councils, offering a broad range of digital and print design services.

The following are some of the services I offer:

  • Website design and build
  • Booklet design
  • Leaflet design
  • Illustration and artwork
  • Branding and development
  • Business cards and stationery
  • Print management
  • Website set-up support


You may be wondering what my name means and how you're meant to say it.

Tahninial (pronounced "tar-nee-nee-al" - 10 points if you remember that!) is a word I came up with in 2003 as a part of various stories/animations which I hope to some day produce.

It refers to a balance of dark and light, encompassing everything from both sides across the whole spectrum, which I'm sure you'll agree fits my profession well!

So, while Google may think I mean 'tahini', if there's anything I can be certain of, it is that I am not a paste!

My tools & skills

I bring my designs and illustrations to life with a little help from Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator etc) and my trusty Wacom tablet.

On the web side of things, I'm an avid Wordpress theme developer, using a combination of PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery to craft bespoke Wordpress themes to suit the requirements of your project, while retaining the easy-to-use Wordpress interface for managing your content.

HTML5Wordpress 3CSS3Adobe Photoshop CCAdobe Illustrator CCAdobe InDesign CCAdobe Flash CCPHP 5jQuery

Pricing your job

Every job is different: even within one company, each project has different requirements, budgets and time scales.

With that in mind, I prefer to meet with potential clients and discuss their needs and options before committing to a price.

That way, everyone's individual circumstances are taken into account and I can ensure that I am delivering the very best solution for your business.

Get in touch!

If you think Tahninial would be a good fit for your project, I would love to hear from you!

To get in touch, please drop me a line using the form to the right or by emailing info{at} From there, we can arrange a time to speak on the phone or meet in person to have a chat over a cuppa.

I look forward to hearing about your project!

By email

By post

Electric Works

If you want to send me some post you can do so at the following address:

Electric Works
Sheffield Digital Campus
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